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What To Do If You Lose Your Car Keys

a car key in a carHow to handle losing the keys to your car.

Cell phone. Check. Bag. Check. Keys… When you lose your car keys, it’s natural to panic and lose your head, too. Whether you’ve misplaced them or had them stolen, it can be a huge pain, and you have to consider security issues. Here are a few steps you need to take.
Gather information about your car
To get anything done, your car needs to be identified. You will need to write down the make, model, year of production, and vehicle identification number (VIN). If you do not know any of these details, refer to your insurance policy.
Call your insurance company
Contact your insurer as soon as possible. You may be able to claim for the cost of a replacement on your car insurance policy. Depending on how extended your policy is, you may receive not only a replacement key but a replacement car.
Get a new key yourself
If you own an older vehicle, you may be in luck. A regular lock just needs a valet key, which can be fairly easy to obtain. If you have a newer vehicle, key replacement is a little more difficult. Depending on the car model and key model, getting your hands on a new key can cost up to $700. Modern cars have keyless ignitions and keyless entry, which makes the car key more like a pilot than an actual key. You may need to visit the appropriate car dealer with all the car’s documents to confirm that you are its owner. They will then synchronize a new key with your car’s onboard computer.
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