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Property Insurance

Property Insurance

If you’re like most men and women, your home represents a major financial investment – probably the largest investment you’ll ever make. Making sure it’s properly insured doesn’t just protect your home and its contents – it also provides important financial protection.

Choosing the best types of coverage for your home can be complicated. There are lots of factors to consider. At McCarty Insurance Agency, our agents are experienced in helping homeowners identify the types and amounts of protection they need, including protection against property damage and important liability coverage.

We can also help homeowners identify areas where they may be underinsured or where they might be exposed to losses not covered by their current policy. For instance, standard homeowners’ policies do not provide coverage for valuable items like jewelry, antiques, fine art and guns. Without additional coverage for those items, you could wind up with a substantial financial loss.

And of course, property insurance policies also offer critical liability coverage to pay for settlements that arise following claims of injury or property damage that are filed against you. Liability coverage can even help cover the costs of your defense when a claim results in a lawsuit being filed.

Homeowners who don’t have their policies reviewed on a regular basis stand to expose themselves and their loved ones to unnecessary financial risks – and they can even miss out on important discounts that can yield substantial savings now and in the future.

In addition to homeowner’s policies, we also provide property insurance for specific needs, including:

  • Dwelling fire insurance for investment properties that are not occupied by the owner
  • Renter’s insurance to protect your possessions if you rent your home

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