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Save on Car Insurance for Your Teen

car driverInsure your teenager with the best policy to suit them, you, and your wallet!

Adding a teenage, new driver onto the family’s auto insurance policy will increase the premiums, but it tends to be less expensive than buying a separate policy. Research shows that eighteen-year-old drivers add an average of 77 percent to the cost of their parents’ auto insurance bills, but the cost increases an additional 18 percent if they buy an individual policy.
The good news is that a teenager’s premiums should decrease gradually each year if they keep a clean driving record. Parents can emphasize that good driving habits prevent accidents and injuries along with saving money! While communicating this point to them, you can expose them to a variety of driving experiences to further their driving skills. For example, letting them take the wheel to and from school may not provide much practice in handling difficult situations. You can take them on the freeway and let them drive in bad weather so that they are not alone when encountering more challenging conditions. By developing their driving handling, it will decrease the risk of accidents!
For now, there are additional ways to receive a lower cost insurance policy:

  • Driving an older car
    While a car that is lower in value is less to insure, it may lack safety features. Be sure to check!
  • If your teenager is at college
    When your student is away at school and the car stays at home, ask your insurer if you qualify for a lower premium since your child will not be driving all year long.
  • Good student discount
    A child averaging good grades, or who is on the Dean’s List, may qualify for a discount on their insurance policy.

To receive quality auto insurance for your new driver, contact McCarty Insurance Agency in Fresno, California. We ensure that you stay protected no matter what while maintaining within your budget! Contact us to get started!

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