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When to Exclude Your Son or Daughter from Your Car Insurance

There are many details to know about car insurance, particularly regarding children who use your vehicles while they learn to drive. Once a child gets their first vehicle in their own name, it’s time to consider taking them off your auto insurance policy. However, it’s not a simple matter, as you will need to meet certain conditions set by your insurance provider.

Can I Remove My Son or Daughter From My Car Insurance?

One of the most common reasons for parents dropping children off their car insurance is if their child moves to a different residence. Another common reason is the child already has sufficient coverage on their own. Many times, when individuals purchase their own vehicle with financing, the lender will require the individual to carry their own insurance.

It’s up to you as a parent to decide when it’s time for your children to get their own insurance. Be aware that your insurance company will likely want to know why you are dropping them from your plan. Do you have evidence that they can pay for their own insurance?

It’s important to check with your state’s insurance laws to see what the specific requirements are for insuring young drivers. A key question to ask is: who is the registered owner of the vehicle in question?

Pros and Cons of Removing Your Children from Your Car Insurance

Pros – A major benefit to removing your child from your car insurance is that it teaches the child to take responsibility for themselves. They will learn about costs and maintaining continuous coverage. Another good reason is that it can help the child’s credit score.

Ultimately, removing your child’s name from your insurance can help lower rates for you and your child. If the child has had several traffic tickets, costs will be lower for them by staying on your policy.

Cons – The main drawback to removing your child from your car insurance is the child may not be financially ready to keep up with steady payments. Without experience in paying bills, the child may learn the hard way how late payments can lower their credit score. It doesn’t take many marks on a driving record for anyone to learn that failing to follow traffic laws can lead to expensive fines, as well as higher insurance costs.

How to Remove Your Child from Your Car Insurance?

Each insurance company has its own process for removing a child from car insurance. The first step is to contact your insurance agent and request removal. The next step is to provide documentation that supports this move, such as proof your child has moved to a new residence.

Another option, if the child still lives at your residence, is to list them as an excluded driver on your plan. An excluded driver is a household member who isn’t covered if they crash your car. This process simply involves completing and signing a driver exclusion form.

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