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If you own a business with any number of employees, you are required to have worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation provides coverage for employees who are injured at work, or from repeated exposures at work, and are no longer able to work. Worker’s compensation can provide the financial coverage for your business so that you do not have the pay out of pocket for an injuries.
There are many different benefits of a worker’s compensation insurance policy, including:

  • Medical care – covers the cost of the medical bills that are associated with the injury or illness that was caused at work.
  • Temporary disability benefits – will provide coverage for lost wages of an employee if their injury prevents them from doing their usual job because of an injury.
  • Permanent disability benefits – will provide payments if an employee is not able to fully recover from their injury and are no longer able to do their job.
  • Supplemental job replacement – will pay for retraining or skill enhancement if an employee is not able to return to work if they are not able to fully recover from their injuries.
  • Death benefits – if an incident on the job results in the death of an employee, worker’s compensation will provide payments to the spouse, children, or other dependents of the employee after their passing.

Both physical and mental injuries are covered under worker’s compensation. If your employees only work in one place, such as in the office, only injuries that occur in the office will be covered. If the job requires travel, worker’s compensation will provide coverage the entire time the employee is travelling, unless the employee deviates from their regular work duties for a personal reason.
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