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Why You Should Secure Flood Insurance Coverage!

How to best protect your home with flood insurance.

More and more often, we are seeing every state suffering from flooding or some sort of flash flood. This means that, as a homeowner or renter, you don’t have to live near a body of water to be exposed to the dangers of flooding. Heavy rain, a sudden thunderstorm or melting snow from the mountains hundreds of miles away can be enough to cause rising water and flooding in unexpected places.
Wherever you are in the States, note that there is no area safe from flooding. As a homeowner or renter, it’s important to secure flood insurance. Here is exactly why you need it.
Your homeowners insurance may not cover flood damage.
You may notice that your homeowners insurance policy covers ‘water damage’ – but that doesn’t necessarily mean from floods. Typically, ‘water damage’ is minor damage, such as rain coming in the window. On the other hand, floods require specific coverage in order to receive help repairing, replacing, and rebuilding after a flood. Most standard homeowners insurance policy do not cover flood damage, so it’s well worth double checking your policy and securing additional flood coverage.
Flood insurance cannot be purchased instantly.
Homeowners cannot simply look at the forecast and decide they need coverage for the storm that will hit their area next week. If you’re in a high flood risk zone, you will need to secure flood insurance. For those who are considering flood insurance, it’s wise to secure it early on. Typically, there is a 30-day waiting period from the date of purchase until your policy goes into effect. Don’t wait until you hear that there’s a rainstorm coming in because you may be too late in protecting your home.
Your home and belongings need protection.
Generally, there are two parts of flood insurance: building property coverage and personal contents property coverage. The building property covers everything from the structure and the foundation to the electrical systems to garages to debris removal. Personal contents property will cover your clothing, furniture, and electronic equipment.
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