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What You Should Know About Auto Insurance for Unlicensed Drivers

Securing auto insurance without a license.


You may not have a driver’s license, but you know you need car insurance. You might even wonder if this is possible. It may sound uncommon, but more and more people are having to deal with this situation. To better understand how to get auto insurance without a driver’s license, read on.

Licensed drivers need car insurance

It’s important to note that if you’re a licensed driver and are planning on driving a vehicle, then you need to have insurance on that vehicle. Insurance is a legal requirement, so don’t neglect finding the right policy.

Why you might buy car insurance with no driver’s license

Buying car insurance without a driver’s license may seem like an odd concept, however, there are plenty of reasonable instances where someone may be in this situation.

  • You own a vehicle and want to protect it while others drive it, but don’t plan to drive it yourself
  • You don’t drive but other people drive you around to weekly appointments
  • Friends and family regularly borrow your vehicle
  • You own a vintage vehicle that you don’t drive but still want to protect
  • Your license is expired and you didn’t renew it
  • Your license was suspended after multiple DUIs, at-fault accidents, or similar incidents
  • You are a student driver or hold a provisional license/learner’s permit

How to get car insurance without a driver’s license

  • Buy a policy with someone else listed as the primary driver – When listing someone else as the primary driver, you need to make sure the address is correct. This address should be where the car is garaged most of the time.
  • List yourself as an excluded driver – If your license is invalid (or non-existent), then your insurance company might refuse your application. However, you may be able to get around that by listing yourself as an excluded driver on your policy.

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