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What You Need to Know About Insuring Your Sports Vehicle

What You Need to Know About Insuring Your Sports VehicleKeep your sports car insurance under the speed limit!

Heavy on horsepower but often light on fuel efficiency, sports cars are loved by many. Appealing to the daredevil in people, these cars are sporty, sleek, not to mention speedy! While you may be in love with your nifty Corvette, your heart may sink when it comes to insuring it.
If you’re suffering from sports car insurance blues, read on for everything that you need to know about insuring your sports car – and how to save on your premium!
High-performance cars are more expensive. You’ll know that from the heart-stopping moment you learnt the price of your ideal car that now sits in your garage. As they are more expensive to purchase, they’re costlier to rebuild and repair. Additionally, if you’re in an accident, getting the right parts, which may be limited in production, is going to cost more than parts for a car that is mass produced.
More style, a bigger steal. High performing sports cars tend to be targets for vandalism and theft. Fortunately, auto insurance can provide comprehensive, collision, and theft protection!
Safety comes first. Advanced safety features are typically lacking on a sports cars, especially on older ones. A 1969 Corvette has no airbags, no crumple zones, and no multi-point seat belts. However, if you have a newer sports car, you may enjoy a discount on your policy!
Save by driving it less. If you drive your car for 4,000 miles per year or less, insurance companies may consider you to be a lower risk than those who drive more miles. This reduces your rate!
Protection for your investment. In the long run, auto insurance for your vehicle is going to keep your sports car safe and sound for many sweet years to come. Get your sports car protected with the proper auto insurance! Contact McCarty Insurance Agency for all of your car coverages in Fresno and the neighboring cities in California

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