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What Can Cause My Monthly Homeowners Insurance Premium to Go Up?

When you buy a basic homeowners insurance policy, you might presume the premiums will stay the same once you have paid the policy’s rate. Nonetheless, home insurance rates can rise for numerous reasons beyond your control. Premiums are based on various factors, which might change, such as if the crime rate in your zip code surges. Here’s a look at the possible ways in which your monthly homeowners insurance premium can increase.

External Factors

You check your insurance bill one day and are stunned to see it’s suddenly higher than the normal rate. Why did this happen? First, remind yourself why insurance providers are in business, which is to earn profits while paying out reasonable amounts of claims. When the industry as a whole gets saturated with claims, it forces the insurers to raise rates to maintain a profit margin. Here are common reasons why homeowners insurance premiums go up:

  • Labor and construction material costs jump

    Your premium is based partly on how much it would cost to rebuild your home if it were destroyed by a disaster. Since labor and construction costs keep increasing partly due to supply chain reasons, you can expect it to affect your premium at some point.

  • Rise in natural disasters in your area

    Weather is becoming unpredictable across various regions. As fires, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes keep becoming increasingly dangerous, insurance providers are raising rates to compensate for increasing claim payouts.

  • Aging home

    The older your home is, the more risks set in that it will need an expensive repair or replacement. Older homes are more vulnerable to wind and stormy weather. Furthermore, old wiring is a fire hazard while plumbing and HVAC systems eventually wear out and need fixing.

Tips to Cut Down on Monthly Premiums

Maybe your budget is already so tight you can’t afford any more bills to go higher. Luckily, there are things you can do to help lower your costs. First, you should assess your policy and determine how much of it is meeting your current needs. It’s possible, for example, you no longer need a certain type of coverage because you’ve lowered the risk factors. Here are other ways to cut your monthly premiums:

  • Smart home technology

    The smarter mobile gadgets get, the better you can access real-time data about your home. You can get apps that alert you on smoke or fire detection, room temperature, water leaks, and several other events that affect the safety and comfort of your home.

  • Higher deductibles

    One of the simplest ways to reduce your monthly premium, especially if it exceeds your monthly budget, is to raise your deductible. That means you’ll be paying more cash upfront if you file a claim. Your coverage picks up the rest of the balance for stated perils. Some people prefer to pay more each month to lessen the financial shock if they must file a claim.

  • Inquire about savings opportunities with your insurer

    Every insurance provider has its own way of doing business and crafting policies. Even though they usually avoid promoting discounts in their marketing, insurers often provide deals to customers who ask and meet certain criteria.

Even if you think you’re trying your best to keep your homeowners insurance premium as low as possible, it can still go up for the reasons mentioned above. You still have control of certain options, though, such as adjusting your deductible. Contact our experts at McCarty Insurance today for more information.

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