Swimming Pool

Pool ownership raises insurance costs due to child safety liability. When remodeling, installing barricades is smart to curb rate hikes.


While remodeling the kitchen, you may consider integrating modern kitchen technology, which may increase the resale value of your home. As a result, you may see an increase in your insurance costs.


Secure your family and home: Replace old, leaky roofs. Insurers offer premium cuts for renovations. Regular roof inspections ensure lasting protection.

The Garage

Garage conversion adds space, yet follow codes, inform insurer for smooth process. Be aware, insurance rates could go up.

Security Systems

Installing security devices such as smoke detectors, fire and burglar alarms, and deadbolt locks reduces the likelihood of any mishaps happening. Consequently, this can significantly lower your premium costs.

Electrical Fittings, Plumbing, And Heating

Similar to replacing an old roof, renovating your home’s old plumbing, heating, and electrical systems improves home safety and lowers insurance costs.

Home Office

When operating a home-based business, consider augmenting your homeowners' policy with extra business coverage or a distinct policy to address potential liabilities, leading to eventual insurance cost increments.

Remodeling a home’s structure offers it a new look that may make it appear to be brand-new. While your home is already insured, it is your role to ensure that any new improvements are covered. Contact our professionals here at McCarty Insurance today for more information.