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Understanding Earthquake Insurance

Do You Have The Protection You Need In The Event Of An Earthquake
Did you know that the Pacific Coast, the stretch of land between Alaska and Southern California, gets some of the most seismic activity on earth? In fact, according to the United States Geological Survey over twenty states have experienced an earthquake in the last thirty years. Of course, California is one of the states with the highest risk of earthquakes, but less than fifteen percent of California homeowners have earthquake coverage.
Do not be one of the many Californians who make the mistake of failing to secure protection against damages caused by an earthquake. Unfortunately, state and federal aid will oftentimes not be sufficient to replace your property and repair damages. To protect your home and your valuables, you need to secure earthquake insurance.
What kind of coverage do you need? It can be helpful to talk with your insurance agent to discuss your options. A mini-policy secured through the California Earthquake Authority might be right for you, or your insurance provider may offer a separate earthquake policy that will meet your needs. Ultimately, the amount of coverage you will need should be similar to that of your homeowners insurance. You will want to have enough coverage to replace your personal property, rebuild your home, and possibly even secure a policy that will include covering your living expenses should your home become uninhabitable for a time.
As an independent insurance agency, McCarty Insurance Agency can be your guide to covering your home in any circumstance. We will connect with our network of top-rated national insurance carriers to get you the coverage you need for your home and business. Located in Fresno, California, we understand the need for earthquake and other California-specific types of insurance, because we need it too! Call us today to make sure you are protected.

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