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Your Guide to the Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits

The Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits in Fresno, CAHere’s a quick overview of the different types of benefits offered by workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation is an essential part of any business insurance portfolio. This isn’t just our opinion! The state of California mandates that every business carries workers’ comp to protect their staff in the event of job-related sickness or injury. We even have a whole state-run Division of Workers’ Compensation to oversee administration and claims. You know you need this coverage, but do you know what it does? Here’s a quick look at the types of workers’ compensation benefits.
Medical Coverage
The core of workers’ comp is coverage for medical expenses that arise due to injury or illness on the job. The policy should cover all medical costs, from doctor visits to medication to physical therapy. The employee won’t have to pay a deductible or copay to receive this benefit.
The odds are high that if an employee needs to use his or her company’s workers’ comp, he or she is going to miss work. Even with medical expenses covered, those lost wages can take a serious toll. Fortunately, this insurance offers disability benefits to replace a portion of the wages he or she lost while unable to work. This benefit usually only covers a percentage of a salary, i.e. it isn’t a full paycheck replacement.
If your employee is unable to resume work in the position he or she previously held because of the injury or illness, your workers’ compensation insurance should offer vocational rehabilitation. If the injury or illness caused mental trauma, your policy can also help cover psychological rehabilitation.
Now that you understand the benefits that workers’ compensation can extend to you and your team, you understand why this coverage is crucial. Contact McCarty Insurance Agency to get the workers’ comp coverage your staff members and your business need in Fresno or any of the surrounding California cities.

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