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Tricks to Make Your Drive in the Dark Easier and Safer

Tricks to Make Your Drive in the Dark Easier and SaferHow to drive safely on dark winter nights.

Fall brings the start of the festive season, pumpkins, and fun spooks and scares. While this is a wonderful and beautiful time of the year, the shorter days mean that we’re driving in the dark more often. For even the most experienced drivers, driving at night can be challenging. There’s reduced visibility, familiar roads can look different, and there’s often a shorter time to react to things up ahead. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few tips that will help you to drive safely in dark winter nights.
Dim your dashboard lights
If your vehicle has bright internal lights, it can be harder to see clearly what is going on outside of the car in the dark. Your dashboard should have a dimmer switch so that you can lower the brightness of the lights, meaning there are fewer distractions.
Avoid looking into oncoming traffic
In a similar way to the above point, don’t look into the lights of oncoming cars. The bright headlights can temporarily dazzle your eyes, meaning it is harder to stay safe behind the wheel. Instead, look as far to the left as safely possible.
Stay alert
Dusk and dawn are often times when wildlife creatures begin to roam. Thanks to their advanced night vision, the retinas of cats, foxes, and other nocturnal animals reflect light, making them easy to spot. Be on the lookout for animals on and near the road, and slow down in rural areas. If you do see an animal up ahead, stop as safely and as quickly as possible.
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