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Top New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success

New Year’s resolutions every business owner should consider.


2020 is here, and with it the multitude of resolutions that people inevitably make to strive towards becoming a better version of themselves. These resolutions range from losing weight and saving money, to reading every day and helping the homeless. But, what about your business? As a business owner, you can help determine your business’s goals by setting up some achievable New Year’s resolutions! Here are a few to consider.


Delegate more frequently

As a business owner, you may feel that tasks get done to your standard if you do them yourself. While this is great for consistency, it often results in you having a long to-do list. A great way to free up your time is to delegate tasks to your trustworthy team. Doing everything yourself is unsustainable – and you hired your employees for a reason.


Communicate with staff more

Small business owners in all industries should look to improve two-way communication with all staff members in the New Year. This means asking them about their work, discussing their challenges, and getting to know them better. Doing so gives employees more incentive to come to work. If they are being treated as individuals rather than faceless workers, they feel more valued.


Give back to the community

There is little that you can do that compares to giving back to your local community. Connecting with your neighborhood and participating in community events helps to build morale as well as getting your business’s name out there. Clients like to support locally-based businesses, and you can feel good about sharing your wealth with your community.


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