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Top Liability Risks Small Businesses Should Consider

Top Liability Risks Small Businesses Should ConsiderHow to protect your business from liability claims.

A small business and a large corporation may be two different entities, but their litigation risks are the same. Small business owners often have similar, if not the same, liability risk exposures as larger businesses. Unfortunately, many big companies can put time and money into properly defending their business, whereas small businesses cannot. As a small business owner, identify the top liability risks so that you can guard against them.
Premises Liability
If you have a physical location where guests and customers can visit your company, then you need this coverage. If someone was to slip and fall or their property to get damaged while on your premises, they could sue you for negligence.
Product Liability
Manufacturing, selling, or distributing a product means that you have unique risks. If someone is injured or their property damaged by a product manufactured, sold, or distributed by your company, then you could face steep liability claims if they want compensation.
Advertising Liability
If you advertise your services or products, then this coverage is for you. This is for if your advertisements cause injury committed in the course of advertising the goods, products, or services.
Employment Practices Liability
From the pre-hiring process to the exit interview, your business is at risk of a lawsuit. This coverage helps to protect your company against wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment lawsuits.
Cyber Liability
In this tech era, businesses need to be careful about security breaches. Cyber liability insurance is designed to protect your business if it faces a cyber breach, helping to repair the brand and recover the data.
Businesses face many liability risks on a daily basis. With the right preventative measures and quality commercial insurance, you can rest easy knowing your small business is safe. Let the experts at McCarty Insurance Agency find the quality insurance your business needs and deserves. Serving Fresno, California, we aid business owners in choosing the right coverage to meet their needs, budget, and demands.

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