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a man behind the wheel of a car and he is angryStay calm on the roads with these tips. 

We’ve all been there. Whether we’re running late for work or a driver just cut in front of us, it’s natural to get frustrated behind the wheel occasionally. It’s when frustration turns into road rage that risk and threat increases. It may seem impossible, but keeping your cool behind the wheel is entirely possible. Here’s what you should know to avoid a road rage incident.
Have empathy
Perhaps the person driving slowly in front of you is lost or new to the area. Perhaps the person that cut you off is late for an important meeting. Try to have a little empathy for other motorists on the road. They are not out to ruin your day or disrupt your driving.
Don’t engage
If you and another driver are frustrated with each other, attempt to keep your cool. Don’t use offensive hand gestures, avoid eye contact, and do not follow them. Instead, back off and try to let go of frustration.
Be a considerate driver
Driving on the roads becomes easier when you are a good and conscientious driver. Avoid tailgating, stick to the speed limit, use your signals, and drive defensively.
Don’t go straight home
If an angry driver is set out to follow you, don’t drive home. Instead, drive to your nearest police station and avoid pulling into a secluded area. In particular, avoid confrontation, which could turn ugly for everyone involved.
Plan ahead
If you have to be somewhere for a certain time, plan your route ahead and leave plenty of time to get there. Map out a couple of routes so that you have an alternative if there is an accident or construction. You’re more likely to stay level-headed when you aren’t pressed for time.
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