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camera on buildingHow to prevent vandalism on your property.  

Whether you own a small store or a large company, you’re probably concerned about the possibility of vandalism on your property. Vandals cause all sorts of problems, from graffiti to broken windows, which lead to costly repairs. To help, we’ve gathered our top tips for preventing vandalism at your business.
Install a Security System
A good security system protects both the inside and outside of your business. Your main system will work to notify the police if it detects a break-in, and you can also put several security cameras outside to monitor the exterior, too. Many vandals will be deterred if they see that they are being filmed. Make sure a sign or sticker with the alarm company’s logo is clearly visible, and place cameras out in the open where they are easy to see.
Use Appropriate Lighting
Most vandalism occurs at night when the property owner is not around and vandals are up to no good. You can help protect your property by lighting it up and eliminating the possibility of vandals hiding in the shadows. Place bright floodlights in any dark spots like alleyways or back doors.
Plant Strategically-Placed Shrubs and Bushes
Dense bushes and shrubs planted close to your property make it much harder for vandals to approach. Plant spikey shrubs around areas of your building so that vandals cannot easily reach your property to cause damage.
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