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Costs of a DUIIf the drink got the better of you, you may be paying out more than you expected.

Drunk driving continues to be a major issue on the road, among teens and adults alike. Law enforcement is doing everything that they can to prevent drunk driving, and the rise of affordable ride-shares such as Uber and Lyft are lowering the number of drunk drivers on the road. However, some still decide to get behind the wheel intoxicated.
A DUI is not only a serious offense but it’s costly. Check out these high expenses that result from a DUI in California:
Fines/penalties: $1,500
The fine for a first-time DUI conviction ranges from $390 to $1,000, but convicted drivers can generally count on an additional penalty assessment fee that’s 3 times the number!
Towing/Impound fee: $215
Drunk drivers, once caught by the police, have their car towed or impounded, depending on the state.
Treatment program: $626
Like many states, first-time DUI offenders in California need to complete either a 30- or 60-hour treatment program. The program length depends on the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of arrest.
Court costs: $800
These are costs associated with filing court paperwork and mandatory court appearances. These expenses vary depending on the duration of the case and the severity of the offense.
DUI attorney fees: $2,500
A good DUI lawyer can help mitigate the legal ramifications, but they can come at a high cost. This number can be higher if the lawyer is defending other charges on top of the DUI.
Restitution fund: $500
This money is paid to the California Victim Compensation Program. This is a state fund that assists crime victims.
DMV reissue fee: $125
You must pay this fee to get your license back after the required 4-month suspension.
Insurance premium increase: $2,700
Insurance companies determine premiums based on risk. And anyone who got behind the wheel after a few rounds is considered a risky driver. Those convicted of a DUI can generally expect to pay higher premiums.
Total (approximate) cost: $8,966

The total is based on a conservative estimate on a first-time conviction. Those who are repeating the offense will face much stiffer penalties and higher costs. Are you still convinced to get behind the wheel?
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