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Navigate the Summer Roads with These Safety Reminders

Steer clear of danger this summer season. Ah, summer. The months when the sun is shining and the days get longer. It’s also the time when schools break up for two months, and tourists take the sites. In short, that means busy roads, packed streets, and hot weather while you navigate the crowds. The summer shouldn’t be all doom and

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Summer Travel Tips to Help You Jet Set Stress-Free

Before you head out for your summer travels, use these tips to keep stress at bay. The summer is here, and it should bring with it six more weeks of sunny weather and relaxation. In fact, you might be taking advantage of the season by heading out on a much-deserved vacation! The only problem? Travel can get a little hectic. Before

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Keeping Children Safe: Water Safety Tips

Stay Safe with Your Children in The Pool This Summer Pools, beaches, and lakes are fun during the hot summer months by providing entertainment and cool relief from the heat. Unfortunately, accidents in the water can lead to deaths of the young and the old. Taking water safety precautions can save lives and worry in the future. To ensure safety in

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Check Out These Local Events!

Spend Time In The Community At These Local Events! Now that the warm spring and summer weather is here, it is the best time to start looking for family events in the area! Make sure to mark your calendar for these exciting events that you will not want to miss out on! On Saturday, June 6th, head out to the Rainbow Pride

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5 Backyard BBQ Perils to Avoid

Dangers of Backyard BBQs While having a backyard BBQ may seem like the best way to celebrate the summer season, you may want to think twice before inviting all your friends and family over. Even a seemingly harmless backyard BBQ can have serious consequences if you do not properly prepare. Make sure to avoid these common BBQ perils to ensure

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