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Tag: Safety


Navigate the Summer Roads with These Safety Reminders

Steer clear of danger this summer season. Ah, summer. The months when the sun is shining and the days get longer. It’s also the time when schools break up for two months, and tourists take the sites. In short, that means busy roads, packed streets, and hot weather while you navigate the crowds. The summer shouldn’t be all doom and

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Cruise Carefree with These Motorcycle Safety Tips

Treat your two wheels with care and enjoy riding safely. Once you’ve ridden with two wheels, there’s no going back. A motorcycle offers a new sense of freedom, more control, as well as giving you a daily dose of thrill. While driving a motorcycle takes different skills than driving a car, the rules of the road are still applicable and

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Did You Get a Hoverboard for Christmas? Know the New Laws!

California has released new laws for the hoverboard craze that is taking the world by storm! You may have found a shiny new, über-techy gift under your Christmas tree this past festive season. The present that has been floating around multiple countries are the new hoverboards. While they’re not quite the flying, Back to the Future, devices that we were

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Keeping Children Safe: Water Safety Tips

Stay Safe with Your Children in The Pool This Summer Pools, beaches, and lakes are fun during the hot summer months by providing entertainment and cool relief from the heat. Unfortunately, accidents in the water can lead to deaths of the young and the old. Taking water safety precautions can save lives and worry in the future. To ensure safety in

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Secret Costs of Buying a New Car

Budgeting For a New Car When shopping for a new car, it is easy to assume that the only price that you need to look at is the sticker price. However, there are many other costs that are associated with buying a new car. To ensure that you are able to invest in a car that will fit within your

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