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Is Your Storage Unit Insured? Your Guide to Personal Property Insurance

You need to understand your personal property insurance before moving anything to a storage unit. Renting a storage unit is a great way to hold on to those items you only use once in a while without cluttering up your home. You can fill your rented space with holiday decorations, seasonal sports equipment, large furniture you don’t need at the

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Is Your Insurance El Nino Ready?

A flood insurance policy will help you get ready for El Nino. Living in California allows you to enjoy bright, sunny skies almost all year long. However, with a monster El Nino expected to hit the state this year, the sunny skies could soon be filling up with dark rain clouds. Knowing how to protect your house and belongings from

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How Your Landscaping Can Reduce Your Risk Of Fire

Use these landscaping tips to prevent a fire at your house. Even though a Godzilla El Nino is predicted to hit California this fall and winter, there is still a high chance of a wildfire breaking out. The severe drought that has lasted four years has dried out most of the vegetation throughout the state, increasing the chances of a

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