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Mindfulness Activities to Reduce Stress

We all deal with stress on a daily basis. As the pace of life begins to accelerate again, it’s all too easy to feel stressed and let it impact our physical and emotional wellbeing. When we get stressed and overwhelmed, we often want to escape our thoughts and distract ourselves from the situation. But did you know that a little

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Protect Your Home from Wildfires

California Fire Insurance for Homes at Risk For California residents who live, own, or are looking to buy a property near brush or wild fire areas, they are likely to struggle to get home insurance. Unfortunately, due to drought, wild fires, arson, and climate change, the fire season is year round, causing insurance companies to reconsider insuring high risk homes.

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Celebrating 4th of July in Fresno

Happy 4th of July! There are always so many great events and things to do in Fresno, California, but the fun gets really serious for the 4th of July! As you gather with your friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate America’s 239th birthday, we recommend checking out these local events for a fun celebration. Local Events in Fresno for the 4th of July:

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Secret Costs of Buying a New Car

Budgeting For a New Car When shopping for a new car, it is easy to assume that the only price that you need to look at is the sticker price. However, there are many other costs that are associated with buying a new car. To ensure that you are able to invest in a car that will fit within your

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Understanding Earthquake Insurance

Do You Have The Protection You Need In The Event Of An Earthquake Did you know that the Pacific Coast, the stretch of land between Alaska and Southern California, gets some of the most seismic activity on earth? In fact, according to the United States Geological Survey over twenty states have experienced an earthquake in the last thirty years. Of

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