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In a Car Accident? Here’s What To Do

Keep calm through the bumps in the road. If you’re involved in a car accident, it’s easy to panic. Even so, it’s essential to know what to do in such a situation so that you can minimize your stress and further damage to the accident. Whether it was a tap from the car behind or a full-on collision, check out

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Fall Driving Tips For Every Motorist

Stay safe on the roads this coming season. Now is the time of pumpkin picking, hay riding, and jack-o-lantern carving! Fall is a wonderful time of year that brings along bright orange leaves and cooler temperatures. While autumn is the perfect time to bundle up and enjoy the changing of seasons, it also brings a new set of hazards to

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What You Need to Know About Vehicle Recalls

Stumped when it comes to recalls? We have the answers. It seems as if auto recalls are part of almost every motorists’ life. From safety standards to equipment being out of whack, there have been plenty of recalls over the recent years. While you may never experience a recall, it’s good to know what it is and how to handle

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New 2016 Auto Laws in Effect in California

There are new laws that will change for California drivers in 2016. January 1st didn’t only ring in the new year, it ushered in new laws for California motorists. The California Department of Motor Vehicles recently released an updated list of approved Senate and Assembly bills, and what drivers can expect for the new year. Did you know that California

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Choosing The Right Car Insurance Policy

Auto Insurance 101 Each time you get behind the wheel of your car, you have the chance of being involved in an accident. Investing in the right auto insurance policy can help to ensure that you have the protection that you deserve while you are on the road. Knowing how to choose the right policy and coverage options will help to

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