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Will Auto Insurance Cover Your Car’s Modifications?

Your modified car may look (and sound) cooler, but is it vulnerable without protection? Have you ever been tempted to kit out your car with a new sound system? Thought about replacing the manufacturer’s wheels with new alloy tires? Or maybe you’ve considered tuning up the engine? Modifying your car can be a great way to personalize your vehicle, and

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Is Distracted Driving Dangerous?

You might think distracted driving isn’t that dangerous. You’d be wrong. In our go-go-go age, it’s very hard to focus on only one task at a time. We get it! We’re all busy, and multi-tasking feels like the best use of our time. That’s all well and good – until you get behind the wheel. When you’re in the driver’s

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The True Costs of a DUI

If the drink got the better of you, you may be paying out more than you expected. Drunk driving continues to be a major issue on the road, among teens and adults alike. Law enforcement is doing everything that they can to prevent drunk driving, and the rise of affordable ride-shares such as Uber and Lyft are lowering the number

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What Auto Insurance is Legally Required in California?

These coverages and limits of car insurance are unavoidable! Check your coverage today. All motorists in California know that they need auto insurance, but many are stumped on what limits and policies are legally required. This confusion can undoubtedly mean that many are overpaying for their coverage or are not fully insured to their needs. When determining your auto insurance

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It’s Riding Season – Get Your Motorcycle Ready!

Prep and prime your bike and insurance policy for the season ahead. Now that spring has sprung in Fresno, California, many bikers are dusting off their motorcycle from a winter’s hibernation. Before you hop on and cruise the open roads, take a moment to de-winterize your bike! Even if you stored your motorcycle away over the winter, you’ll want to

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