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Tips to Make Your Teen a Safer Driver

If your teenager is learning to drive, you may feel both overwhelmed and nervous. Putting a teenager behind the wheel can be nerve-racking for parents – and justifiably so. Teenagers are three times as likely to crash as those aged 20 and over. Being a new driver comes with new experiences, and the inexperience on the roads can cause accidents

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Top Causes of Car Accidents (and How to Avoid Them!)

Driving tips to help keep you out of accidents. Believe it or not, but even the safest of drivers may have serious downfalls that put them in danger. Getting behind the wheel of a moving car is not only a huge responsibility but one that should be done with care and safety. However, all too often, American drivers get distracted or

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The Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Rates

Your auto insurance rate is based on more than the make and model of your vehicle. When trailing through online auto insurance quotes, you’ll notice that with every question you answer, the monthly cost fluctuates. Everything from your chosen coverage to your personal details affects the price that you will pay every month. As insurance is all based on risk, a teenager

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How to Check Your Tire Tread for Wear and Tear

Tires keep us on the roads. Monitor them closely for damage. More often than not, we take our cars for granted. Almost always, we forget about how important tire health is to our safety on the roads. The traction on the tires helps us to stop in time, keeps us on the road in inclement weather, and gets us to

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Questions to Ask Before Buying Car Insurance

Secure the right auto insurance by asking these important questions. After months of saving up and searching for the right vehicle, finally buying your car can feel like the hardest part is over. Forgetting auto insurance until the last minute is a common mistake to make, but a costly one at that. Researching the right coverage and company to suit

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