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Summer Driving Hazards to Be Aware Of

Summer is the time when we all take advantage of the warmer weather and sunny days by heading out on a road trip or visiting friends and family we haven’t seen in months. In summer, the roads are busier with cars, motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. As a result, there are a few more driving hazards to be aware of. Understand how you can stay safer on the roads this summer by being cautious of these seasonal risks.



The summer brings out bike lovers of all sorts, from those that are pedaling leisurely to those that ride a motorcycle in a group. These people and modes of transportation are especially hard to see when driving on the roads in a vehicle, which is why it’s so important to take extra care looking for them before you turn, merge, and park. Double-check your blind spot and use your signals so that other motorists know where you are moving.


Young Drivers

Young drivers seem to come out in summer by the masses. You may be stuck behind teenagers learning to drive or those that have just passed and are still somewhat unconfident on the roads. Although they may be going well below the speed limit, avoid getting angry, aggressive, or dangerously overtaking them. Stay calm and be patient.



The air pressure in tires increases when it’s warm outside, potentially leading to blowouts that can happen at any time – often at the most inconvenient time. Be sure that your tires have the correct psi as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Visually inspect them, looking for signs of excess wear and cracks in the sidewall. Replace your tires now if necessary.


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