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Ensure that your leadership skills help to empower your team.

People are the most important asset of any business, and most business owners will realize that. While that may be true, getting your staff to perform to their full potential doesn’t happen by accident. There is a lot of work involved for the business – it has to ensure that every member of staff is in the right role, has the tools required to perform, and is encouraged along the way.
Give your team the power to achieve.
For workers to really excel, they need to be in a position to effect real change. No employee wants to feel useless or replaceable. Give your team the freedom to make informed decisions and have accountability to lead projects and other assignments. Additional training and guidance may be required, so be sure to address this as soon as possible.
Supply them with the right tools.
You should work to make their job easier, not harder. If your team doesn’t have all the necessary tools to do their job, then they aren’t working – or feeling – their best. You need to make sure they have access to the tools and technology required to do their job. Ask your team directly to make a list of their wants and needs so that you better understand what resources to provide.
Assess performance.
You may perform annual performance evaluations, but in fact, it’s more important to do this regularly. Checking in with each employee a couple times a month can go a long way in making them feel valued. If they know that they can come to you with a concern or issue right away, then the problem gets resolved that much quicker. For new employees, you may need to assess their performance much more frequently until they gain experience and confidence.
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