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Red flags that indicate it’s time for a new roof.

A structurally strong roof is key to keeping your family safe and comfortable. When the roof starts to go, you’ll usually know. Whether it’s from age or severe weather, there comes a time when a roof replacement is needed. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to call a roofing company.
Don’t wait until the roof is caving in to discover that it’s time for a new one. Here’s how to tell when a replacement is needed.
Age. Many roofs come with a 20-year warranty. In turn, if your roof hasn’t been replaced in the past two decades, it’s time to start considering a new roof.
Missing Shingles. Check to see if all of your shingle “tabs” are intact. During storms and high winds, many homes lose their fair share of shingles. These slates act as a layer of protection for your home, so you’ll want to replace them as soon as possible.
Visible Sagging: A sagging roof can be dangerous to your entire time. This issue is caused my moisture, age, structural damage or rot, and will only get worse if neglected. It’s wise to get the roof replace before it starts to cave in.
Leaky Ceilings: Water dripping from the ceiling may mean that your roof is not doing its job anymore. While a leak in the ceiling may just need a quick repair from a professional roofer, if the damage is much worse, the whole roof may need to be replaced.
High Energy Bills: A good roof acts as an insulator against the heat and cold coming into your home. If it’s not doing its job, you’ll notice an increase in utility bills, because your air conditioner or heater is having to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Professional roofers will be able to pinpoint the problem areas before recommending replacement or repair.
A roof replacement is an expensive investment in your home, so make sure it’s done right. Once your new and improved roof is up and running, you’ll need to protect it! Visit the professionals at McCarty Insurance to get started on your tailored home insuranceCall us today to get started.

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