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Should Newlyweds Combine Their Auto Insurance Policies?

How marriage changes your car insurance.

Congratulations! You just got married. Now that the honeymoon is over, you’re probably in the midst of making a lot of important decisions. After all, marriage affects a lot of things in your life. One important task that you both should consider is auto insurance. Getting married can affect your auto insurance, so it’s wise to know what your options are!
Many factors influence your car insurance rate, and your marital status is one of them. Insurers have found that married couples are less likely to file auto insurance claims than single drivers, often meaning that those who are married enjoy lower insurance premiums. One reason for this could be that married people feel more responsible than single ones, which is why they tend to be more careful on the road.
Getting married will help you save on your auto insurance premium instantly. However, you can save more money by combining your policy with your spouse’s policy. Doing so puts you both on the same coverage, and you can both enjoy lower premiums. However, this is often only the case if you both have a good driving history. If your spouse or yourself have a poor driving record with more than one violation or traffic accident, you could actually see rates rise. If this is the case, it is better for the two drivers to keep their policies separate.
Combining auto insurance policy is also ideal for couples who have one car between them since it guarantees that both drivers are covered without adding on the cost of a second policy. For couples with more than one vehicle, they have the opportunity to enjoy a multi-car discount from auto insurers.
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