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Should Household Members Be Listed on Your Auto Insurance?

someone driving a carDrivers who should be listed on your auto insurance policy.  

When you’re filling out an auto insurance application, you may come across questions that ask you about other drivers in your household. You’re looking to insure yourself on your own vehicle, so you don’t need to list anyone else, right? Typically, everyone in your household should be listed on your auto insurance policy. That includes your roommate, spouse, teen driver, and elderly parents.
You need to disclose all household members when applying for auto insurance. The insurer will then use this information to either include drivers on the policy, exclude them, or not rate certain people. Insurers like to know about other drivers in your household so that they can determine the risk and then calculate the premium to change for the policy. If you fail to tell your auto insurance company about any drivers in your household and then they are in an accident using your vehicle, claims could be denied due to misrepresentation.
Even if no other drivers plan on using your vehicle, you may still need to let your insurer know. This is because insurers recognize that, in some cases, they may need to use your vehicle. For example, you might ask your roommate to drive you to the hospital if you are injured and cannot drive yourself. If he or she were to get into an accident while behind the wheel of your car, then the insurer would have to honor the claim – provided he or she is listed on your auto insurance policy.
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