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Self-Care Tips for Managing COVID-19 Stress

It’s been nearly a year since the coronavirus disease emerged, and yet the pandemic is still here, constantly exerting a social, financial, psychological, and physical toll on everyone. Observing self-care tips during the COVID-19 pandemic is essential in emerging from the pandemic induced chaos. Taking good care of yourself and your family can help you get through these uncertain times.

Here is a list of seven self-care tips that you can use for managing common COVID 19 stressors.

1. Eat Healthy Everyday

Regularly eating healthy foods will help you remain strong enough to cope with many challenges of the COVID-19 world. You need to get proper nutrition every day to supply your body and mind with critical resources to function well. This way, you can enjoy a better night’s sleep and think clearly and decisively during the day. If need be, you may quickly replenish your energy levels with healthy protein snacks.

2. Work Out Regularly

No matter how busy you may be at work, home, or elsewhere, find some time to exercise and optimize your physical and mental health. You don’t have to set aside a lot of time to do this—15-minute workouts each day may be enough to help you sleep better at night and keep stress levels down. You may need to get a little creative with your workout ideas. Try running up the stairs, walking the dog, or going out jogging with your kids as they ride their bikes.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Make it a top priority to get enough sleep each night, as a lack of it could cause serious mental or physical deficiencies. The National Sleep Foundation recommends between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. It helps reset your body and mind to wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Always avoid staying up later to stare at your smartphone or watch TV, as such habits may compromise your sleep quality.

4. Discover the Power of the Pause

Pause practice is one of the most beneficial self-care tips during this pandemic. By staying still and quiet for a moment, you can allow your body and mind to regain balance when stress and anxiety levels are high. For example, mindfulness meditation tools can help release tension and focus your consciousness back on the present. Alternatively, paced breathing (like 4-square and diaphragmatic exercises) boosts oxygen intake to help calm your body and mind.

5. Unplug from the World

Focusing on positive, uplifting, or soothing activities in calming environments is good for your mental health. To be able to do that, you may need to unplug from the electronic world. This may mean taking a break from watching the news or following social media.

6. Check in on Yourself

It’s time to ask yourself, “How am I doing?” That means reflecting on your inner-self and establishing a connection with your true feelings and current needs. It may take a whole day of self-reflection to get the answers you seek.

7. Activate Your Support Network

Find time to connect with your support network, including the people you can’t be with in-person. Let family, friends, and colleagues know how you’re doing, and seek emotional or practical help when you need it. You could also share your thoughts and feelings with a professional counselor.

These self-care tips can help you and your family emerge from this pandemic stronger and healthier. While you work on lowering your stress, allow the professionals to tend to your insurance needs. For all of your insurance needs in Fresno and surrounding cities of California, visit McCarty Insurance today.

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