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Scenarios When Renters Insurance Will Save You

Scenarios When Renters Insurance Will Save YouReal-life situations in which renters insurance can help.

Many renters today continue to avoid renters insurance coverage. Whether it’s cause they think it’s too expensive or that they don’t have enough belongings to cover, there are many misconceptions surrounding renters insurance. Not only is it affordable, but renters with any form of possessions should secure coverage. Take a look at these scenarios in which renters insurance could quite possibly save the day.

  • Fire damage

Say you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe. All of a sudden, hot oil on. The pan catches fire, damaging the stove, ceiling, and surrounding cabinets. Your renters insurance can step in to cover the cost of repairing your apartment and belongings that were affected. If your home becomes uninhabitable, some policies will even compensate you for temporary housing.

  • Theft

You just got to your hotel in Miami. Before you start your vacation, you want to quickly check your emails on your laptop. You’re unpacking and looking for it when you realize that someone stole it while you slept on the plane. No fear; renters insurance will cover your belongings, even when they are taken out of the house. You can feel rest assured you have protection so that you can go on enjoying your vacation.

  • Liability

You’re hosting the big game in your house and you’ve invited friends and family over. Your friend wanders into the kitchen to get a refill when he slips and falls on the tiles. He’s taken the emergency room and has to face medical bills and possibly time off work. If he decides to sue you, you could be on the hook for all associated expenses including legal and defense fees. Luckily, renters insurance can cover liability, meaning that if anyone or their property suffers damage on your property, you’re covered.
Renters insurance can do a lot more than you think! Are you ready to find quality renters insurance for your needs? Visit McCarty Insurance Agency, serving Fresno and neighboring cities in California today.

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