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Safeguard Your Business with These Cyber Security Tips

CTRL your risks, ENTR your security!

Businesses from Google to Apple to your daughter’s lemonade stand use technology these days. It’s easier now than ever to store information, keep track of inventory, and run social media platforms from a device. While you may think you have it all in check, safeguarding this information and data means more than switching off computers at night and locking the front door to your business.
Hackers these days are highly skilled in getting into business’ sensitive data. From employee Social Security numbers, client information, and access to all of your accounts, it’s no wonder cyber criminals think of companies as a goldmine!
Use these tips to safeguard your business!
Keep it locked down. Ensure that all devices request passwords upon start up. For all of your employees’ email accounts, encourage your team to change their password every 30 days, making it a tough guess. The password ‘password1234’ isn’t fooling anyone.
Update it. Make sure that all software systems and firewalls are updated when they need to be, as this will help to defend from cyberattacks.
Don’t use it. While public Wi-Fi is useful for when you’re out and about, if you don’t need to use it, don’t. This shared network is an easy target for cyber criminals to hack. So, when you check your business’ Payroll account at the coffee shop, you could be sharing the information with plenty of people.
Enforce it. Teach the team on how to spot suspicious-looking emails, websites, or activity. Along with this, encourage them to report it to their manager immediately.
Limit it. Limit the number of employees that can access your business’s private information. This will help to control the routes of access that a hacker can use.
Taking out cyber liability insurance can help your business to stay protected, even during and after an attack. Contact the professionals at McCarty Insurance Agency to get started on securing your Fresno, California policy.

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