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Safeguard Your Business From Halloween Spooks

Prevent crime around your business’s property this Halloween.  

In the run up to Halloween, many businesses and homeowners see a sharp spike in crime. Taking advantage of the element of disguise and trickery, vandals and thieves use this opportunity to wreak havoc. Halloween may be fun for kids, but it can be an extremely expensive time for business owners. To prevent the worst from happening to your business, here are some tips to consider.

Keep the perimeter well lit

Lights are a great way to deter vandals that like to lurk in the darkness. Keep lights on overnight and install motion-sensor floodlights to catch thieves in their footsteps.

Limit access to the property

Unless your business will be staying open to hand out treats to kids, keep all entryways locked and be certain to secure windows. Control who holds the keys and make sure outdoor equipment are kept in well-lit areas.

Secure vehicles

If you have commercial vehicles, it’s a good idea to leave them in well-lit areas overnight. Better yet, store them in a garage and keep it locked at all times. If you’re driving on Halloween night, watch very closely for kids crossing the road. Remember that they may not be able to see you because of their costume and they may not have reflective gear on.

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