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Rising Liquor Liability Claims on the Rise

The hospitality industry, including bars and restaurants, is facing a growing problem in the form of liquor liability claims. Liquor liability refers to the legal responsibility of a business that serves alcohol to individuals who subsequently cause injury or harm to themselves or others. As per recent studies, liquor liability claims have been steadily increasing in recent years.

Litigation Is on the Rise

The hospitality industry faces a significant increase in liquor liability claims, resulting in more litigation. The legal claims related to liquor liability can be quite severe, including bodily injury or property damage. In many instances, liquor liability lawsuits may be filed against a restaurant or bar even if they have not violated any laws, such as serving alcohol to an underage individual. The rise in litigation related to liquor liability claims makes it more important than ever for businesses to be vigilant and take precautions to prevent potential incidents from occurring.

A Duty of Care

Bars and restaurants that serve alcohol have a legal obligation to exercise reasonable care to prevent harm to others. This responsibility, also known as a duty of care, extends to patrons, employees, and the general public. The duty of care includes ensuring that individuals are served appropriately and served to the point of intoxication, monitoring the behavior of patrons, and taking appropriate action to prevent harm. Failure to exercise this duty of care can result in legal liability and substantial damages.

Avoiding Liability

To avoid potential liquor liability claims, businesses must implement preventative measures to ensure that their patrons are not over-served or served to the point of intoxication. This includes training employees to recognize the signs of intoxication, monitoring the behavior of patrons, and implementing policies to prevent over-serving. Additionally, businesses can obtain liquor liability insurance to protect themselves against lawsuits.

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