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Get Your Home Ready For The Changing Season
In California, we generally enjoy much more temperate temperatures than the rest of the nation during these winter months. There are, however, always freak systems that bring a sudden fluctuation of temperature. Who can forget the random heat waves we experienced this fall? So rather than sitting around assuming we will escape the winter cold, it is wiser for us to prepare for anything the winter months might throw at us.
You may not have considered the possibility of pipes freezing up, but with the nights getting increasingly colder you can save yourself a headache down the road by understanding how to prevent your pipes from freezing, and what kind of coverage your home insurance will offer if they do.
In Fresno, there is a slim chance of your water supply freezing solid but Murphy’s law dictates that if your pipes do freeze, it will be while you are out of town for the holidays. To avoid frozen frustration when you return home, shut off your water supply before leaving. For extra peace of mind, consider draining your pipes entirely. If you know a cold front will be moving through, you will want to leave your central system heating on while you are away to keep the water in your pipes flowing.
If you do experience a leak, the good news is your homeowners insurance will likely cover the damage. Generally, your policy will pay for the expense of accessing the broken pipe, replacing any property damaged by flooding, and repairing the wall and flooring.
Make sure your home is protected against unforeseen winter incidents with great homeowners insurance. McCarty Insurance Agency, located in Fresno, California, can be your friend in the insurance industry to guide you to the best coverage for you. With over thirty years of industry experience and a commitment to building relationships in the Central Valley, our team is here to meet your individual insurance needs. Contact us today!

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