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Keeping Children Safe: Water Safety Tips

Keeping Children Safe: Water Safety TipsStay Safe with Your Children in The Pool This Summer

Pools, beaches, and lakes are fun during the hot summer months by providing entertainment and cool relief from the heat. Unfortunately, accidents in the water can lead to deaths of the young and the old. Taking water safety precautions can save lives and worry in the future. To ensure safety in water be sure to follow these tips and let your children know how to prevent accidents.
Educate Children
It is a good idea to take lessons to learn basic safety techniques along with the ability to swim distances if needed. Any children over 4 years old should learn, and most swim schools offer parent and baby lessons for children under 4 years old. Make sure that your child knows not to swim alone. Use the buddy system to ensure that there’s always someone to look out for the other person.
Teach children not to run around the pool, never to push anyone, and not to jump into the pool in areas that are not marked for diving. If a storm or lightning approaches, everyone should leave the pool immediately.
At Home
Young children can drown in less than 2 inches of water. This means that drowning can happen where you least expect it: the sink, fountains, buckets, fish pools, bathtub, and inflatable pools. It is imperative to supervise your children when they’re in or around water.
The bathroom is full of dangers. Never leave a child unattended in the bathroom, especially whilst bathing. Be sure to practice safety methods with them such as pulling the bath plug and keeping water levels low.
Outside of the home, be aware of local pools, hot tubs, creeks, and ponds. Let neighbors know that you have a young child and ask them to keep their gates locked. If you have a pool or hot tub yourself, consider building a 4-foot fence around them so that children cannot reach them unattended. You can also buy pool covers and alarms, although these have not been proved effective against drowning for very young children.
By instilling water safety along with the necessary precautions, you can maintain a happy, safe, and fun summer by the pool. McCarty Insurance Agency, located in Fresno, California, fulfills all of your insurance needs, whether it’s for businessproperty, or auto insurance. Contact us directly today to find out how we can provide solutions at a competitive cost!

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