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Planning A Winter Vacation? Keep These Tips In Mind

Really enjoy your winter travels with these safety tips.

As 2015 comes to an end, you may find yourself planning a vacation to help you start the new year off right. No matter if you are headed to a warm tropical beach or the mountains to enjoy the snow, it is important to make sure you know how to stay safe while traveling. Keep these winter travel tips in mind to help make the most of your vacation.
If you are jumping on a plane:

  • Leave at least one hour earlier than you usually would. Airports get very crowded throughout the end of the year, which could lead to you missing your flight if you don’t give yourself enough time.
  • Do all you can to avoid the flu. Wash your hands and get a flu shot a few days before you leave to help you continue to feel your best.
  • Stretch your legs as often as possible. If you are sitting through a long flight, get up and walk around the plane when it is safe to allow the blood to flow freely though your legs.

If you are headed on a road trip:

  • Get your car maintenanced before you hit the road. Ensuring that everything is working properly will help to reduce the chance that you will have to deal with a breakdown.
  • Check your emergency kit to ensure it has everything you need in case you get stuck on the road, including water, food, warm clothes, gloves, and a flashlight.
  • Stop as often as you need to. Driving in the winter can be much more fatiguing than summer trips. Making frequent stops will help to keep you more focused when you are on the road.

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