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cyber liability on laptopThe most misunderstood business insurance coverages explained.

Business insurance can be confusing at the best of times. For many business owners, they choose not to explore the range of insurance options, meaning that they miss out on valuable coverage. Take a look at these misunderstood business insurance policies, and how they can help your business.
Business Interruption
Many business owners are under the belief that their standard commercial insurance helps them to recover. However, this isn’t always the case. Business interruption insurance is designed to help cover a business’s loss of income after a covered peril. This coverage can protect buildings, contents, stock, and more to safeguard against unforeseen events which cause loss to you and your company.
Cyber Liability
In this digital age, it’s surprising to see how undervalued cyber liability insurance still is. Cyber attacks are getting more frequent, and even small and mid-sized businesses are being targeted because of their lack of security. In today’s society, unless your business has no dealings over the internet and no online presence, you need cyber liability insurance. This coverage helps your business to recover after a cyber attack.
Directors and Officers
Directors and officers liability, or D&O, is often overlooked on the basis that the company’s insurance covers senior staff – but this isn’t necessarily the case. If you’re a director, officer or trustee at a company, the decisions you make can negatively impact many people. D&O insurance can protect you from lawsuits and legal fees and gives you the confidence to operate as you normally would. 
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