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Little Things That Cost Your Business Big

Over the course of the year, little things cost your business thousands! Here are a few areas worth checking out.  

A dollar here. A dollar there. It doesn’t seem like much, but over time it adds up! In comparison with your business’s major outgoings, you probably have quite a few lower-dollar line items that you gloss over. Don’t! Little things cost your business thousands over time. It’s well worth checking out if these stealth costs are leeching money from your business.
Don’t worry; we won’t just warn you of certain things without giving you the tools to combat them! We’ll also advise on the best way to cut back on these surprising costs.

  • Phone Bills. Do you have the same phone service provider you’ve always had? You could be seriously overpaying – especially if you don’t keep a close eye on your phone usage. Take the time to shop different providers and check out your options. Also, look into using a VoIP service (e.g. Skype) to see if you could save that way.
  • Mail Costs. Postage adds up, and stationery isn’t cheap. Add pricey ink on top of all that, and your mail could be draining your business funds slowly but surely. Fortunately, you can easily get away from these stealth costs by encouraging paperless protocol across your company. Not only is email environmentally friendly, it’s also free!
  • Office Perks. Okay, we know your team probably sees coffee and tea as a necessity more than a perk, but it’s either way, it’s something you should be thoughtful about. If you’re not buying your supplies in bulk, you’re spending unnecessary money on an ongoing basis.

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