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Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn Through Hurricane Season

Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn Through Hurricane SeasonWhat small businesses can learn from hurricanes Matthew and Florence.

We have seen some devastating effects of hurricanes Matthew and Florence across the nation. While many businesses and homeowners were prepared for the worst, thousands and thousands were not. As a small business owner, it’s important to take extra caution when it comes to natural disasters. After all, one disaster could force your doors to close for good. To help protect your business, here are a few lessons that we can learn from the recent hurricanes.
Planning matters.
No disaster follows the plan. It’s easy to think that the worst won’t happen to your small business, but disaster is very real for every business. Poorly maintained or aged physical resources may be more damaged in a crisis. Keep in mind that cash is king in a recovery environment, too. Your company needs to be ready to pay for the necessary recovery items without relying on financial transactions.
Protect paperwork.
Make sure all your important papers are in a waterproof, easy-to-carry box or folder. Ideally, these documents will be digital and backed up the cloud, but if you need paper copies of some documents, ensure they are kept dry and safe. 
Prepare employees.
If a hurricane is heading your way, please do not require your employees to challenge the weather to get into work. If possible, allow them to work from home so that they can stay safe with their families, especially if there are several warnings out.
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