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Keep in Home Safe

Store these precious items in your home’s safe.

When homeowners are asked where is the safest place to keep items, many understandably say in a security box in the bank. After all, banks have the best 24-hour security and alarm systems, right? While this is correct, you may need to access precious items immediately. Not all banks are open 24/7, and this means you may have to wait days before retrieving that all-important document.
Instead of dropping off all your documents at the bank, keep these few items in your home’s safe instead.
Insurance policies and your agent’s contact information. You’ll need this info straight away if you need to file a claim.
Family medical information, and contacts of doctors and pharmacies. If an emergency occurs, you can’t wait until the bank is open to know your family’s health information.
Passports, original birth certificates, and Social Security cards. Personal information should be kept close to home – preferably in the home’s safe.
Safe deposit box keys. If you store valuables in a bank safe deposit box, you’ll want to keep the keys in your home safe.
Tax documents and tax returns from the past six or seven years. You may need to know important tax information quickly.
Family heirlooms and similar valuables. Store high-valuable items, such as jewelry and watches, so that they are in easy reach when they need to be.
Computer backup disks or drives. In case you need information in a pinch, they are in your home’s safe!
Now that your home is home to valuable documents, it’s time to reassess your homeowners insurance coverage. Our insurance policies come tailored to your needs, and our agents work with you to maintain it throughout your changes in lifestyle and needs. Visit us in Fresno, California to get started.

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