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It’s Stress Awareness Month! Here’s How to Handle Stress

It’s Stress Awareness Month! Here’s How to Handle StressImprove the ways in which you handle stress this month.

April is a time for many things – spring, colorful flowers, and longer days. While we are enjoying the delights of springtime, it’s important to remember what else April is dedicated to – stress. April is National Stress Awareness Month. During this time, communities, individuals, and health care professionals band together to help people overcome chronic stress and learn how to handle it positively. Stress can have negative mental and physical effects, so it’s worth learning how to get a grasp on your stress levels.
Check out just a few of our top tips on how to tackle stress this month.
Work It Out
There’s little that exercise cannot fix! Exercising releases endorphins – the ‘happy’ hormone – causing a euphoric feeling. This month, dedicate yourself to finding the exercise or workout that you like to do. Whether it’s running around the park, hitting the gym, or practicing yoga, find what you love and commit to it to handle stress.
Catch More Zzzs
Getting too little sleep every night can be detrimental to our health. Not only physically, but it can hinder the ways in which we handle stress. Aim to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. If possible, limit phone and TV activity in the bedroom, unwind before going to bed, and avoid having caffeine in the evening.
Meditation is one of the best practices to relieve tension. Meditation is learning to notice your thoughts, focus on the present, and calm the mind. There are many apps, YouTube videos, and classes available to help you get started!
Make Time for You
We’re all very busy in today’s society. We’re constantly rushing from one moment to the next barely with any time to stop to catch our breath. Because of this, making time for yourself and to relax can seem selfish and useless. However, be mindful that this is great for your mental health as well as stress levels. Schedule in time to do something you love, whether it’s reading a book or taking a walk in nature.
From the team at McCarty Insurance, we hope that these tips help you to relieve stress this month. For all of your insurance needs in Fresno and neighboring cities in California, contact us today.

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