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It’s Riding Season – Get Your Motorcycle Ready!

Spring Motorcycle Tips Fresno CAPrep and prime your bike and insurance policy for the season ahead.

Now that spring has sprung in Fresno, California, many bikers are dusting off their motorcycle from a winter’s hibernation.
Before you hop on and cruise the open roads, take a moment to de-winterize your bike! Even if you stored your motorcycle away over the winter, you’ll want to check out this checklist before you take to the open roads:

  1. Dust off your bike! Literally. Get a damp cloth and go over your bike.
  2. Look over the fuel system – Replace the fuel filter and examine the fuel tank, fuel lines, and fitting for cracks and leaks.
  3. Charge the battery – If you kept your battery trickle charged or hooked up to a tender, it’s probably in good shape. If not, you’ll need to charge it.
  4. Check the tires – Look over the tires for cracks, bulges, punctures, stress marks, or flat spots. Refill the wheels with the correct air pressure, too!
  5. Hit the brakes – Check and fill the brake fluid level and replace if it is dirty.
  6. Inspect the frame, suspension, and steering – If your bike has been stored in one spot all winter, it should be fine, but check the condition of every nut and fastener!
  7. Update your insurance policy – Double-check that your insurance policy is up to date and optimum for your needs and budget. If you’ve added any custom parts or equipment, you’ll want to be sure they’re covered!
  8. Hit the road – Let the bike idle for a few minutes to get the fluids circulating. Check to see whether it idles smoothly and at the correct RPM after reaching normal operating temperature. If all systems are a go, head out onto the open roads!

Now you’re ready to enjoy your ride! Ease the process of getting the best-tailored motorcycle insurance policy for your bike by contacting McCarthy Insurance directly. We provide quality coverage in Fresno, California for each bike owner!

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