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Insurance for your College Student

Sending your child off to college is one of the most exciting times as a parent. It can also be a scary time since they will be far away from home. To help to ensure that your child is protected while going off to college, make sure to take a second look at all of your insurance policies to ensure that your college student will be protected in any situation.

  • Homeowners insurance. If you child is moving into a dorm, your homeowners insurance will typically provide protection for all of their belongings that they bring to college with them. Make sure to contact your insurance agent to ensure that you have enough coverage for their assets. You may want to consider adding more coverage to ensure everything they bring is covered.
  • Renter’s insurance. If your child is moving into an off campus apartment or house, renter’s insurance will provide the coverage needed to protect all of their belongings. Although the landlord will have an insurance policy for the house, it will only cover the actual structure of the house, not anything inside. Although your college student may not think that they have anything worth protecting, chances are they brought their laptop, TV, or gaming consul that would be expensive to replace if they were damaged.
  • Auto insurance. If you child is not bringing a car to college, it is important to still ensure that they are covered under your auto insurance policy, since it will be more troublesome to add them back on when they come home. Most insurance companies will provide some discounts for students who are going to school more than 100 miles away since they are less likely to come home on the weekends and use the car.

For all of your insurance needs while your child is away at college, contact McCarty Insurance in Fresno, California. Our expert insurance agents can help you find the best insurance policies that will provide the protection your child needs while at college.

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