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How Your Landscaping Can Reduce Your Risk Of Fire

Use these landscaping tips to prevent a fire at your house.

Even though a Godzilla El Nino is predicted to hit California this fall and winter, there is still a high chance of a wildfire breaking out. The severe drought that has lasted four years has dried out most of the vegetation throughout the state, increasing the chances of a wildfire striking the area. To help reduce the risk that your home will be damaged during a wildfire, keep these landscaping tips in mind.
Think before you plant

  • Choose plants that will resist ignition during a fire, such as iceplant, aloe, and rockrose to plant throughout your yard.
  • There are many fire-resistant shrubs plants that will help to slow the spread of a fire through your yard while adding some height and greenery, including currant, bush honeysuckles, and hedging roses.
  • When choosing a tree to plant in your yard, look for hardwoods, such as poplar and maple, that are not as flammable as other trees such as fir, pine, and other conifers.
  • Most fire resistant plants do not require a lot of watering, which can help to save water through the drought.

Think defensively

  • When planting plants that are close to your house, plant them more widely spaced and choose low growing plants.
  • Incorporate hardscape elements, such as walkways, rocks, and stepping stones to help break up the vegetation on your property.
  • Keep up with your routine yard maintenance, such as cutting your hedges and mowing your lawn to prevent any overgrowth.
  • Try to avoid using highly flammable mulches, such as pine bark.

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