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How Your Business Can Protect Against Vandalism

How Your Business Can Protect Against VandalismPrevent senseless acts of destruction with these tips.

When owning and operating a business, there are certain events you hope never occur, yet you plan for nonetheless. Vandalism, though, is usually one of those things that is not thoroughly considered until it actually happens. The willful destruction or defacement of property is usually done for no particular reason at all.
Beyond the cost of repairs, vandalism can result in the disruption of business and lost sales. If not repaired or cleaned up immediately, it can tarnish an organization’s reputation, as well as increase its chances of being a target for future crime. The steps below can help you to protect your business against vandalism.

  • Assess current security

The first step is to assess how secure your property is. Each year, technology advances, and this changes the game for business owners. You can bump up your perimeter security with:

  • HD surveillance cameras with night vision capabilities
  • Motion lights that illuminate vulnerable areas
  • Remote speaks to verbally alert the intruder that they have been spotted
  • A managed security service to remotely monitor the feeds


  • Implement smart landscaping

Ensure the perimeter of your building doesn’t have any weak areas, such as a lack of plants, no lighting around the back or weak fences. Pay attention to dark areas that need more lighting, and opt to plant thorny shrubs to prevent vandals from reaching a vulnerable area.

  • Ensure maximum lock up

When you’re closing your business’ premises for the day, it’s vital that you’ve got the place locked down tight. Vandals look for opportunities, such as a backdoor that’s left unlocked or a window that’s been propped open. Put away any sign of activity, too. Bring potted plants, outdoor furniture, and signs indoors, if possible.

  • Get to know local businesses

They say that knowledge is best shared with others. In order to create a pleasant area to be in, businesses need to look out for one another. Spend some time getting to know who accommodates the premises near you, while sharing tips on how to protect your premises. Offer to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around their business, and they will likely return the favor.
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