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How to Ready Your Home for Halloween Spooks

How to Ready Your Home for Halloween SpooksEasy ways to get your home ready for a safe fright night.

Many people across the country are looking forward to Halloween’s yummy treats, sneaky tricks, and creative costumes. While Halloween is a fun and spooky night, there is always a risk of things going horribly wrong. This year, avoid a nightmare situation by preparing your home for a party or trick-or-treaters. These tips help to ensure your guests and visitors are happy and safe!
Sweep your driveway and walkway.
Fall means cooler weather. Cooler weather means extra leaves on the ground. To prevent the chance of someone slipping and falling on your property, get rid of any dirt, debris, leaves, and branches from your pathways.
Park your car in the garage.
Halloween is full of mischievous people, and the night can mean that your yard quickly fills up with kids wanting candy. Safeguard your car from accidental dents or scratches by parking your car in the garage. If you don’t have a garage available, park it in a place with low traffic, and under a street light.
Use LED lights instead of real candles.
Candles are great for creating a sense of mystery on Halloween night, but they also run the risk of accidental house or yard fires. Swap out real candles for LED lights in your jack-o-lanterns. They give off the same effect but without the added risk!
Keep pets safe and comfortable.
Furry friends can bring love to any home, but not all of your visitors may feel the same way. Pets can become agitated by the frequent knocks on the door, and the last thing you want is for him or her to shoot out the front door and knock someone over. Confine your pet in a room away from the front door to reduce their stress.
Avoid homemade treats.
You may have a fall recipe that you’re dying to try, but many parents won’t let their kids eat non-pre-packaged candy. Labels that have allergy warnings can help prevent life-threatening reactions, too. Opt for store-bought candy to keep the kids (and their parents) content.
We hope that you have a fun and safe Halloween night! To review your home insurance before the night, contact McCarty Insurance Agency today. We provide homeowners in Fresno and neighboring cities of California with reliable coverage they can count on!

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