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How to Protect Your Business From Theft

Safeguard your business’s premises by protecting it from theft.

Every business owner wants to believe that their company and building are completely safe against theft and vandalism. In reality, almost every building and business is at risk of suffering from one, if not both of these perils. To protect your business from theft and financial strain, check out these tips from your insurance agency.
Safeguarding the premises around your company as well as implementing the necessary safety measures keeps your property safe from those things that go ‘bump’ in the night!
Install a camera – If it’s within your budget, consider using cameras to monitor entrances, exits, and money-handling areas. Monitoring parking areas is typically a wise investment. This will make getting images of the thieves easier for the police.
Alert guests – If you install surveillance equipment, make sure that the public knows by putting up signs. Burglars will be less likely to enter premises if they know that they’re being watched.
Greet everyone – Make eye contact with visitors as they enter your establishment. Simple recognition may hinder someone from trying to rob your business.
Light it up – Make sure your business is well lit inside and out, day and night. A well-lit establishment can increase visibility and minimize hiding places.
Don’t keep cash – Establish and maintain a schedule for going to the bank, whether it’s every day or every few days. Be consistent as to how often you go, but always switch up the route and time of day. Keeping cash to a minimum will not only deter robberies, but it will also help minimize the loss.
Keep a record – Maintain accurate records of what is in your building. In the event of a robbery, up-to-records can help you determine what’s missing so that you can file claims more efficiently.
Lock it up – Make sure all employees know how to enable the alarm system, switching it on every day before closing down the building. Be sure that locking doors is a habit for all employees – including cleaning personnel.
Buy the rightbusiness insurance – This coverage picks your business up from suffering burglaries, minimizing the financial impact that your business undergoes after a theft.
Get started on your business coverage by contacting the expert insurance agency in Fresno, McCarty Insurance Agency. We provide reliable insurance to suit all of your company’s needs so that you can feel rest assured your property is protected.

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