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How to Keep Business Data Safe for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

How to Keep Business Data Safe for National Cyber Security Awareness MonthBasics of keeping your company’s data safe from breaches.

The digital business world certainly has its positive attributes, but that doesn’t mean that there are no risks involved. Businesses of all sizes need to protect their data so that they can keep operating. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, meaning that all over the country, businesses are taking preventative action to protect their data. Here are some tips for your business to get started.
Secure your network.
It’s likely that your business has some kind of firewall and anti-virus software. However, since hackers are continually finding new methods of entry, you need to regularly download the newest updates. Turn on update alerts so you know when updates are available. One particularly vulnerable area is your Wi-Fi network. Be sure that you regularly change your Wi-Fi password and have a separate Wi-Fi for your customers. This protects customers while preventing employees from logging in using the less-secure option.
Train staff.
Did you know that the majority of data breaches in business occur due to human error? Whether your employee clicked on a phishing email or wrote down his password, negligent employees and contractors can cause significant damage to the business unknowingly. Start by teaching your employees the basics of good password hygiene and how to spot a phishing scam. Additionally, go over the best practices for storing, saving, and sending sensitive information so your team know how to confidently and safely share data.
Get the right insurance.
In this day and age, it’s wise having cyber liability insurance for your business. This coverage helps to protect your business if it does encounter a cyber breach. From business interruption, brand recovery, paying ransomware attacks, and more, this coverage can help your business when it needs it the most.
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